Site History -

September 7th 2000

This site was born!!!  

January 6th 2001

After many technical difficulties the original version of the site was scraped and replaced with this brand spanking new version!  It is currently hoped that this new site will host several new items including a chat room!  As you may have noticed the webmaster has created a rather groovy looking applet from scratch and it is featured on the index page!  At the moment we are unfortunately running at about 10% of what we hope to include so it is important that you check back in the next few days for added information!

January 7th 2001

The site appears to be coming along nicely.  Although currently with no pictures available yet in the photo albums there are a few scattered aimlessly around several articles in the site!  The chat room is now fully operational so you can all now group together and have a little chat to each other in real time.

January 8th 2001

I'm finally starting to get the hang of this notepad crap and I've added the links page and a vote to find out what you the viewers think of this site compared to the old version!  The information on Renault, Mitsubishi and Subaru has been added in the 'other stuff' section... but this will probably be moved into a section of its own.

January 9th 2001

First day back at tech and everyone was surprised at how well the site looked!  Now is that such a surprise?

O.K.... anyway... I've got a few pictures of Jon's Renault and Evo VI up and running but with one slight problem... after they are loaded they are kind of large and when u go to scroll along it has a slight tendency to crash your CPU!  Also got some pics of Steve Raes R5 GTT working.

January 9th 2001

The site is now running to about 75% of what it is hoped!  

The car manufacturers bit has been moved into its own section and the 'other stuff' section is now called 'extras.'  It sounds a bit better!  Changed the intro sequence around a bit because I'm for entering this site into a local competition.

Added watermark backgrounds... that means the background stays still. Don't know if this decreases download time.

The first JON44W cursor is now available for download in the 'Extras' section.  More cursors to come once the site is fully operational!  *All cursors created by Andrew Semple*

Matt Heeleys pictures added as well as the specs for Jon's Renault and the Guard Dogs!

January 10th 2001

Guest book soon to be up and running as well as a picture of Dave Kirks Evo VI and Gary Stones nitrous Saxo!   A pass it on message thingy has been added in the 'extras' section so what u waiting for?  Go tell a friend about this site!  Oh and the picture of GT-Tuning at max power live 2000 is also now back on the site!

January 11th 2001

Nothing much done today...   There is also very little left to do to the site at the moment!  There is very few up and coming events to write about so all that's left is do a few touch ups, persuade Sammy Kerr and Adrian Johnson to get photos of their cars to me and get a couple of pictures of the rabid guard dogs!  That's pretty much it... as well as the site map... but that won't take long!  So I'm really glad to announce that we are running at around 95%! :0)  Can't believe I got this site looking and working so well in a week!

Oh... the notepad HTML code has been copied into FrontPage so now I'm going to let Jon start working on it again... but a back up copy of the site will be kept at all times... Just incase!

January 15th 2001

Stats for Matt Heeleys Renault 19 have been added along with pics of 2 of Jamie Shaws Renault 5's... one of them is the infamous Ali G car.  

We are now also featuring videos for your own enjoyment!  Go to the 'EXTRAS' section to download them!

The results of the vote are in!  Andy received 22 votes while Jon received only 5!  The winner is clear!  This new site is much better, quicker and easier to use all round!  What more can I say?                        

Sorry that the counter has disappeared... i never even realised that this had happened!  It will be back up A.S.A.P!

January 17th 2001

O.k... so the latest addition to the site is a new fast URL address.  Just type '' in your address bar and it'll take u straight to this site!

The counter is back online as well as a new picture of the R5 the day that it made the 13.01 at Santa Pod and another one from max power live 2000!  There is also a picture of Jerry Flints Evo 6 on as well.

Pictures of the Evo 6 Extreme have been added in the 'Car modifications bit' under the 'Mitsubishi' section.

Added a few more cursors in the 'EXTRAS' section and they are all contained within the same zip file so you can download them in one go.

Fixed a messed up link and separated the Evo 6 Extreme Document from the Evo 6 GSR standard features thingy.  Adrian's Astra now has a picture here as well as a couple of the GT-Tuning project cars!

January 19th 2001

New pictures added and there is quite a few!  This is Jon's first contribution to the redesigned site!  Now lets hope it continues to work properly! 

New table thingy put in the place of the long list of peoples names for the picture stuff!  

January  22nd 2001

The site is now completely running at 100%!  The final touch-ups are being added and its only a matter of throwing in a few interesting bits in the extras section to keep y'all amused!  The latest of which is the Anarchists Cookbook 2000, which is always fun for a mad of a laugh!

Other than that well... just keep visiting regularly for the latest news and reviews of all the latest events!

January 23rd 2001

A new security feature has been added... right click anywhere to try and copy a picture and see what happens!  This is on every page except for the links.

And you can now easily make this website your homepage by clicking the link in the main page!

Hopefully this site will soon be hosting more security than what is featured on 'JON 44W.'  Coming soon i.e... tomorrow... is a new encryption thingy to stop you stealing the HTML coding that I have spent so long on doing!

And look out for the scrolling thing along the bottom of the page!  They are currently only on the index and main pages but they will soon feature some sort of message on every page!

January 25th 2001

The site has been moved from to!  This should hopefully be easier to understand and prevent people from getting the 0 and O mixed up!

January 28th 2001

O.k.... so we are still at 0pi!  But your all lucky we are still online!  After recent server mix-ups the site was forced to be reset!  However we are now fully operational once again and feature a few extras such as the message forum and a mailing list!

January 31st 2001

Happy days... site is now back to 100% after the fear of a possible complete eruption from the servers!  I now the error still comes up in the main menu page but I'm currently working on some way of suppressing that message so that it doesn't appear!

March 3rd 2001

Hooray... after virus troubles *geez* i get all the c**p... anyway... i will be getting this site completely updated as I work through it checking nothing was corrupted within this area! 

March 13th 2001

Changed things around a bit!  New text in the applet on the main page aswell as a new faded background for it!  The first of the 'FUTURE EVENTS' has been added... which is on USC 2001!

March 27th 2001

Although it hasn't been documented the site has had several additions since March 13th.  These include a host of new pictures ranging from new cars to some of your mugshots!  A more subtle addition is the creation of the little text bits that appear when u hover your mouse over a picture.  Not featured on all pictures yet but they soon will be!

May 27th 2001

Dam all written in here for the last 2 months, why? because Andrew has done nothing. While I have been updating the site frequently he can`t even be bothered to upload it for me. Get your finger out of your........

July 23nd 2001

Look at buying the name but it is pretty expensive for a name. 40 for two years. I think we`ll go for it though.


September 9th 2001

OOPPPsss! We missed the websites first birthday by 2 days! Oh dear. 6322 hits in the first year isnt bad going seeing as we recorded about 100 hits in the first four months. I have now purchased and it seems likely will come the .com site. We also have 50mb of space to work with now and that is much better than the 0pi and 8m sites which only offer 20mb of space. The 0pi site has in fact run out of space now so the dot com site is much needed. As time goes on the site is becoming much more professional looking and we aim to be the leading website for modified cars in Northern Ireland. 

The new business which has recently been added is also starting to take off with quite a few number plates in the process of being transferred to customers vehicles. This is without advertising and just word of mouth.


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